Long time no chat…

Wow, how time flies, my last post here was the day that Nimoy died, almost 2 months ago now. The daily podcast seems not to really work for me, however I still feel I want to podcast something. So I do suspect that shortly I will be coming out with something new for the podcasting ears out there, but not sure what yet. If you have recommendations please leave feedback!

Since I last posted here, I left my job with HostGator.  I picked up stakes and moved from the Southwest to the Northwest. I’m now in a suburb of Olympia, it doesn’t rain here nearly as much as I originally expected.

“Why did you leave HostGator?” I’m sure some of you are wondering that. Some friends who already lived up here invited me to come and join them. Originally the idea was to spend a few months to see if I could write full time and make enough to pay my way here. However I quickly decided that as much as I wanted to be an author full time, with that much of a pressure crunch on me it would be unlikely.

So I decided to push forward an idea I already had been working on: Green Snake Design I’m now using this as my freelance for technical support. No longer am I limited to the minimal support that HostGator allowed me to offer, the gloves are off and I can provide the amount of support I always wanted to offer customers. I’ve also started a new blog there, The Freelancer: From Cubicle Farm to Freelancer, I’ve not published a lot there yet, but hopefully soon!

If you are looking for additional help with your website, podcast, etc I am very much available for hire! Contact me the ways you know how (Facebook, etc) or post a position for me on eLance.

I am sorry to say however, my darling little kitty did not make the move. More than a week before I was set to move she left one day, it was bright and sunny and almost warm. That night it got down near freezing.  She never came back, there are of course many possibilities, however the end result is she is no longer with me. Sometimes I still can almost hear her meow.

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February 27, 2015

Today is a sad day for sci fi fans across the metaverse. Leonard Nimoy died today.

Listened to Tale Chasing Episode #55 Let’s be Honest her idea of forming her own community sounds like a good idea, going to throw my hat in, hopefully it will help me write more.


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February 26, 2015

Today an extra long chat. I wanted to record earlier, but didn’t get to it before a little. So here it is.

Interested in being a co-editor of the SteamPod 3.0 e-zine with me? Let me know!

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February 25th 2015

Talk about different things today.

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Yet Another Day February 24th 2015

Hey Everyone! I recorded another podcast! I hope you like it!

Patreon: http://patreon.com/chris_a_moody

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Movie Review: Boyhood

This film came out last year, I had heard about it for a while but didn’t actually get to watch it till today. This film is unique due to the fact instead of filming it all at the same time with different people representing the kids at different ages, they actually spent 12 years filming off and on with the same people.

If you check the reviews for this movie, a lot of people say they don’t understand it. Unlike most films that are popular in the US, this doesn’t have a definite adventure plot.

The goal of this movie is to follow the main character Mason, from being about age 6 to about his 18 birthday when he goes off to college.

I’d have to imagine it must at times have been difficult to get the same actors to be willing to keep coming together to make the movie off and on for the twelve years.

If you haven’t seen it, I would definitely recommend it.

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Book Review: Timebound

Timebound (The Chronos Files Book 1)
Timebound written by Rysa Walker, is an interesting book. In the future instead of just learning about things past by recordings of people who were there, they actually visit the locations while they are happening. What if however someone decided to use this power for their own purposes? Sixteen year old Kate finds out that what she thought was history isn’t and she’s given the task to fix it.If you like Doctor Who / Back to the Future / H.G. Well’s The Time Machine, I bet your going to love this book!
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