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April 18, 2014

Walk 1 the Reboot!

Hi all, I decided to do a walk today and chat with all of you fine folks!   Walk 1, the Reboot!

Where’d Brian go?

So if you read the first version of False Memory I had up you may recall the first section was called Brian, and now he’s called Eric. When I first started working at HostGator, Eric was a Linux Admin and one of the people who made me feel most at home here. Recently due to issues which I’m not all sure of I hear he passed away. So in his memory I have renamed Brian to Eric.

False Memory: Eric

Below is the first episode of what is at least now being called False Memory. If you enjoy this story please tell a friend, if you really really like the story and have an extra $1 to help encourage me, become a patron of mine! (Visit my Patreon page for me details) If you do choose to become a patron, you will get the episodes 2 days earlier than they appear here on the blog. Thunder shook the house, Eric Dudley opens his eyes in a start, his bladder begging for relief. Angela, his 3 month girlfriend, had an arm …continue reading

It’s Returning, Are you Ready?

Dave Robinson announced today that his The Roundtable Podcast is going to start podcasting again in July! Never heard of this terrific podcast? In October of 2012 I interviewed them on my PodioMedia Chat podcast. In a nutshell, the show is a place where up and coming authors can hash out ideas for their Work in Process stories. Along with Dave and his co-host Brion they would have someone who was well known either in the podcasting world or the traditional publishing world to hash ideas with. Shortly after my interview with them went out, Dave’s mother was diagnosed with …continue reading

Beard and Friends

I was on a podcast as a guest! Its quite a bit different being on the guest side than on the host side of the mic. And this first interview certainly shows it. We talk about writing especially QattusVerse Collection and writing and podcasting in general. Give it a listen!


So as some of you know I’ve started accepting donations from Patreon. And thanks to an interview I heard on Dead Robot Society (#303 to be precise) I found out I was using it incorrectly. So I’ve made some changes to how I use Patreon so that I will be in line with their objectives. For those who are not familiar with what Patreon is, it basically boils down to a way that lets you help creative people with a constant gift of money. As I stated in the first False Memory post, I’m going to be writing online now and …continue reading

False Memory : A Serial

I’m going to try something new. I’m going to start putting up here on a hopefully regular basis, sections of a new work I’m going to hope to serialize. The stories that come up here will be largely rough drafts. If I paint myself in a corner, the following entry may start off with things in slightly different positions because I realized that. My goal is when I finish with the first season (roughly the first 10 chapters I think) I will publish a season of the serial with all of the work straightened out. I’ve spent a good portion …continue reading

Where’d it go?

I moved which company was hosting my files, and it seems my WordPress backup was not done correctly. Unfortunately I did not realize this till it was to late. However sometimes a change like this is good. Hopefully this will be one of those times.

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