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  • Not Changing Banks

    I found out why my card didn’t work yesterday. I bought more Unity assets. Music is: The Ice Giants by Kevin MacLeodLink:

  • Time to Change Banks?

    Got the Stimulus check, unfortunately my bank is having issues with letting their customers spend it. So perhaps its time for a change?

  • Trying Out Reaper

    So today I have switched from Audacity to Reaper. Reaper is letting home users try out Reaper for free till July 1st. I also talk about what I did today.

  • It’s all Mark’s Fault

    For April 12th, I talk about the problems I’m having with a new DAW Waveform Free and how Mark the Encaffeinated One got me to buy the wrong spice. Links […]

  • Tales From the Tech Side #3

    Welcome to episode 9 for DDOQ. Thanks to Jacob G, for asking for more of Tales of the Tech Side. Using GMail for your Email Client

  • Tales From the Tech Side #2

    Today I did some fiction writing! I have another story today from the Tales from the Tech Side. POP vs IMAP.

  • Linux Running a Windows Trojan?

    Today I talk about my dream that took place in Elder Scrolls Online, and a disturbing email I received about my email server.

  • Nothing Today

    Nothing really of interest happened today. Will have to think more tomorrow about an episode.

  • Game Plots and TV Shows

    Today I talk more about Elder Scrolls Online, and a plot issue I came across. I also talk about stuff I watched today on Acorn TV via Amazon. Miss Fisher […]

  • Tales From the Tech Side #1

    Why was there no episode yesterday? Tales from work “Do whatever you want, please” Restored root password, don’t have to make Nutty mad at me. And yes, I need to […]