Hard Decision

I’ve been wanting to be a writer for years. However I find myself constantly being conflicted with spending the time needed to develop a story when I’m just barely paying some of my bills thanks to the job I have.

Added to this my job’s main busy season is now over for the year, from what I understand anyways. There may be a few more days of busy however nothing like the past 2 months.

So I’ve decided to put all stories on hold till I’m able to make sure my incoming money is sufficient so that I don’t have that over my head when I’m trying to express my creativeness.

To help me do this, I am going to be going down multiple avenues, including looking for a better “regular” job, and trying to increase my own working at home, designing web sites, hosting websites etc. If you are looking for a new hosting company please do not hesitate to get in touch with me!

Feel free to reach me at chris [at] chrisamoody [dot] com, while I finish working on my other sign up pages.