Up Coming Works

Hi all, occasionally I will be putting up a list of up coming works a long with a brief synapses as to what I think they will be about.

Current WIP: The Great Air Ship Caper, a group of people in a steampunk based universe wants to rob the most fortified mobile airship.

Upcoming stories, the following are not presented in any specific order to indicate which I’ll work on first, second, etc.

Dexter Morris: The Case of the Missing Jewel, in a world where hoomans are mythological creatures cats and dogs run the world, a Jewel with significance goes missing Dexter Morris is brought on the case to investigate.

The New Hero: The King has the old hero killed. Can the new hero bring in justice?
(aka: Once Upon a Time in a Shower (inside joke))

Return: The first FTL ship is sent out, it returns 5 years late with no response besides an AI.
(this might be an Audio Drama and/or a book)