Feast or Famine

One of the issues with working freelance as anyone who does it, will be able to tell you, is the wide changes.

One month you might have more work than you can possibly handle, and the following month you can’t find any work. I’m currently finding myself in the second situation and needing to actively look for more work, while I’m still working previous work I’ve already been paid for.

If you are in need of hiring a someone to design your site, or you just need web hosting, let me know! email me at: chris [at] chrisamoody [dot] com.

My Trip…

As I write this, its Wednesday the 6th. In a few short hours I take off in a plane to visit my sister and her daughters children. I will also get to meet my nephew for the first time and get to meet my brother-in-law more, as at this point I barely know him. It has been scheduled not to publish till after I get back.

I must admit I’m a little nervous, last time I was in California was 6 years ago, and so afraid that everyone has changed so much I won’t have anything in common with them really.

While I’m hoping to get some writing done, I do hope I won’t spend all of my time writing. When I get back I do really hope I can say how nervous I was feeling was over nothing and have a ton of pictures to share. Time shall tell.

Update 4/13/2016: Successfully finished my trip. My previous fears were unfounded. Yes everyone had changed but not to the point where it was uncomfortable. Didn’t get to see one of my nieces, which was a shame, but schedules are schedules.

I’d say the worse part of the whole trip was flying through a storm which we barely reached Houston before it followed us here to Houston. .