May Games for Sale!

Hi all, it’s that time of the month again! I have games to give away at a really low low price! Do keep in mind that each of the following titles I only have 1 copy of, when it’s gone it’s gone!

All of the games below will need you have a free Steam account, to use them.  If you are interested in any of these, send me a message via Facebook Messenger, to make sure I still have it (I will try to keep this list up to date), if I do, simply click here, to send me $5.00 (per game) via PayPal. You are not required to have a PayPal account to complete this action. Let me know when you have, and what your Steam email address is. I will then send you the code.


Game Title Steam Link Steam Price My Price Rating

Dead Rising 4

Link $39.99 $5.00 Mature (17+)


 Link  $14.99 FREE! N/A

NBA Playgrounds

 Link $19.99 $5.00 Everyone


Link $19.99 $5.00 Mature (17+)

All sales are FINAL. Proceeds from games will help me expand my learning in various interests.

So Long Friend…

Tonight I received word that someone I hope I could call friend passed away. Above is a picture I took of him in 2013.

I was fortunate enough to meet Justin Macumber twice in person. The first time was at DragonCon of 2010, after the Dead Robots’ Society live episode. I’m not sure if he remembered meeting me there, however, in 2013 we met again at Space City Con and had breakfast with David Wood.

I remember we talking to him about things I believe we had both learned from The Creative Penn podcast regarding how outside of the US, Kobo was a big deal.

Among other things, I wish I had gotten to know him better.

Vampire History: Hunters

Hello, all! I am just wanting to let you all know that I have released Season 1, Episode 1 of a serial I wrote quite sometime ago.

This story takes place in a world where Vampires had previously ruled over mankind. Mankind is now back in control and looking to vanquish the few remaining vampires.



The second installment will be released June 6, 2017!

Hard Decision

I’ve been wanting to be a writer for years. However I find myself constantly being conflicted with spending the time needed to develop a story when I’m just barely paying some of my bills thanks to the job I have.

Added to this my job’s main busy season is now over for the year, from what I understand anyways. There may be a few more days of busy however nothing like the past 2 months.

So I’ve decided to put all stories on hold till I’m able to make sure my incoming money is sufficient so that I don’t have that over my head when I’m trying to express my creativeness.

To help me do this, I am going to be going down multiple avenues, including looking for a better “regular” job, and trying to increase my own working at home, designing web sites, hosting websites etc. If you are looking for a new hosting company please do not hesitate to get in touch with me!

Feel free to reach me at chris [at] chrisamoody [dot] com, while I finish working on my other sign up pages.

Up Coming Works

Hi all, occasionally I will be putting up a list of up coming works a long with a brief synapses as to what I think they will be about.

Current WIP: The Great Air Ship Caper, a group of people in a steampunk based universe wants to rob the most fortified mobile airship.

Upcoming stories, the following are not presented in any specific order to indicate which I’ll work on first, second, etc.

Dexter Morris: The Case of the Missing Jewel, in a world where hoomans are mythological creatures cats and dogs run the world, a Jewel with significance goes missing Dexter Morris is brought on the case to investigate.

The New Hero: The King has the old hero killed. Can the new hero bring in justice?
(aka: Once Upon a Time in a Shower (inside joke))

Return: The first FTL ship is sent out, it returns 5 years late with no response besides an AI.
(this might be an Audio Drama and/or a book)

Dog Days of Podcasting #2

Hey all, I know I haven’t been very regular in posting so far but this time I have an episode I hope you all enjoy!

Today we chat with Edward Earl Newton who was the producer of Stranger Things. We talked about many of the episodes he did release, plus the one episode that is based on a story Mur Lafferty wrote that you can listen here on Escape Pod.

We also spend time talking about the game he’s developing now. Which will hopefully be in beta very soon.

Edward also wanted me to show people a channel he’s a producer on YouTube which you can find here: How to ADHD

Feast or Famine

One of the issues with working freelance as anyone who does it, will be able to tell you, is the wide changes.

One month you might have more work than you can possibly handle, and the following month you can’t find any work. I’m currently finding myself in the second situation and needing to actively look for more work, while I’m still working previous work I’ve already been paid for.

If you are in need of hiring a someone to design your site, or you just need web hosting, let me know! email me at: chris [at] chrisamoody [dot] com.